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* In 2004 Rev. Oliveto officiated the marriage of two men in San Franscisco in clear violation of The "Book of Discipline". She boasts of having officiated fifty such 'weddings' in all.

* Bishop Oliveto admits to being in a relationship with another woman for seventeen years and has been married to her for two years (while serving in the United Methodist Church).

* On July 15, 2016 Bishop Oliveto was consecrated as a bishop in the United Methodist Church.

How is it possible that Bishop Oliveto ever made it this far in a connectional system presided over by bishops who accepted the charge 'to guard the faith, order, liturgy, doctrine, and discipline of the Church' (Par. 401)? Where was the episcopal oversight when Bishop Oliveto was ordained an elder? When Bishop Oliveto married her spouse while in a position of pastoral leadership why didn't her bishop immediately file charges against her? Where was any episcopal leadership when Bishop Oliveto violated Par. 2702.1 which lists conducting homosexual ceremonies as a chargeable offense?

Those who have been elected for the purpose of 'ordering the life of the Church' (Par. 401) have utterly failed to provide desperately needed leadership in upholding The "Book of Discipline" of the United Methodist Church. Instead the episcopacy has presided over four decades of acrimony concerning sex ethics in general and homosexuality in particular.

So there could never be any doubt as to what the calling and purpose of the Methodist movement was, the question was purposefully asked at an early conference as to what God's design and purpose was for the Methodists. The answer was the mission statement that has served the Methodists well since their founding: 'Not to form any new sect; but to reform the nation, particularly the Church; and to spread scriptural holiness over the land' ('Minutes of Several Conversations' Q.3, in The Works of John Wesley [vol.8; ed. T. Jackson; Baker, 1978] 299).

These questions are merely a capstone over a mountain of episcopal leadership that has failed to guard the doctrine and discipline of the United Methodist Church and has continually proclaimed a message of divine love minus the truth of His holiness which produces a watered down message of accommodation.

It is past time for faithful Wesleyan United Methodists to act!

    As faithful stewards over the resources God has placed in our hands we must stop paying the episcopacy for not doing its job.

    Part of every United Methodist church's "Mission Share" is the Episcopal Fund which pays all bishops (active and retired). Bishop Oliveto's entire ministerial career has been built upon demonstrating a gross disregard and disdain for both the discipline and doctrine of the church. She boasts of performing over fifty same sex weddings and has married her lesbian partner, both of which are chargeable offenses. As faithful stewards over the resources God has placed in our hands, how can we be expected to contribute to the salary of Bishop Oliveto through undirected giving to our local churches? The entire Council of Bishops should be held accountable for its lack of biblical, spiritual, and administrative leadership concerning Bishop Karen Oliveto.

  • 1. Sign the pledge to redirect funds from the Episcopal Fund. 258.4, b), and f) gives you the authority to designate where your offerings go to.
  • 2. Print and sign two copies of your giving directive for your pastor and church finance committee.
  • 3. Print a copy of this passalong sheet and pass out to members of your United Methodist Church.
  • 4. Share this pledge site on your Facebook page and other social media outlets.
  • 5. Pray privately and corporately for spiritual renewal within the Council of Bishops to return the denomination to its heritage, roots, and primary mission 'to spread scriptural holiness over the land.'

Bishop Oliveto must be defrocked. In a letter to the Western Jurisdiction Conference letter to the Western Jurisdiction Conference written three days after her election to the episcopacy, Bishop Oliveto rejoiced at 'joyously cross[ing] the threshold of this new thing together.' Clearly, she intends her election as an openly gay bishop to be the first of many more. Until the episcopacy of the United Methodist Church begins to show interest in upholding The "Book of Discipline" and decides to be true to Methodism's mission 'to spread scriptural holiness over the land,' the bishops do not deserve to be the recipients of your faithful stewardship. They have had over four decades to address this issue and have done nothing. It's time for this to stop.